4 Books to Become Wealthier than a Game of Thrones House with a Cool Animal Sigil

Before you can choose an asset allocation strategy or start actively trading or even start earning money online you need to get your financial situation in order, start saving and figure out how you’re going to save enough money to forsake your grandchildren in retirement.

I Will Teach You to be Rich

Ramit Sethi wrote the most effective personal finance book I’ve read.  Seas of the typical personal finance tomes begging readers to never use debt for any reason and to hoard all their cash in CDs to save it from the evil stock market probably have a net negative on society.  Ramit’s book takes the opposite approach.

He tells readers not to budget, tells them to use credit cards and shows how a beginner can get involved in the stock market.

Rich Dad, Poor Dad

Where I Will Teach You to be Rich establishes a mindset for managing your finances, Rich Dad, Poor Dad establishes a mindset for creating wealth.  Employees rarely become wealthy and Robert Kiyosaki reinforces this time and time again.

Money: Master the Game

Though Money: Master the Game has the typical number of worn platitudes, the sections on how to live like a millionaire without being a millionaire and risk parity portfolios are worth the read.

Seven Years to Seven Figures

Michael Masterson has a mixed reputation on first Google.  As a long-time marketer, this is to be expected.  His book is second to none as far as introductions to motivation, strategies for getting promoted and getting raises at work, starting a business and investing in real estate.

Bonus: Four Steps to Retiring a Millionaire

How could I do this list without my own book (which is only $2.99, what a deal!) which, as far as I know, invented a savings concept called forced savings.  How could you not read a book that created a new concept?

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