My Fiverr Gigs

In the spirit of income generation, I created a couple of Fiverr gigs a while back and when no one ever purchased either gave up on them ever being used.

Now that I juicing up the website and my subscriber count is increasing about 10% weekly (note, 10% of 20 is 2), I’ve decided to get back on the Fiverr bandwagon and try to make some of that nice freelance cash.

I talked a little about Fiverr in my second book and the strategies to making money on the site.  The basics are to create some quick consulting gig, like designing a book cover, editing or transcribing, etc.  and then adding gig extras to up the price.

The two gigs are both stock related and are useful for anyone wanting a quick summary of a stock to reference.  The first is a  one-page report with stats, a stock price chart, financials, business description and key executives.  This is great to collect for each company in your portfolio to keep them in line.

The second is a comparable valuation analysis.  In this I select several multiples and compare the subject’s to comparable companies and project out what the stock price would be if it traded at those multiples.

Both have ultra fun add-ons for me to do even more analysis for even more straight cash.  Nice.

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