Christmas List for Someone Who Wants to be Rich

In a completely transparent attempt to earn some affiliate cash, I have pulled together a bunch of recommendations for Christmas presents to get for people who want to be rich.  And, really, outside of Jill Stein supporters, who doesn’t?  I’ve suggested four books (one for each of the site’s pillars) and two courses.  If you enjoy the site, try to buy the expensive courses; if not, still buy all of the books.


I Will Teach You to be Rich by Ramit Sethi is my favorite personal finance book.  Most personal finance books feel like going to confession – you just feel guilty and empty after.  Ramit tells readers to get credit cards, to spend money on Starbucks if they want and even how to ask for a raise.  If you only get one of these books, make it this one.

One Up on Wall St. by Peter Lynch.  I struggled for a few minutes to decide what investment book to recommend.  Many of my favorites would fly well over the head of beginning investors.  Lynch’s book is simple and written well enough to hook even the staunchest anti-vaccer (going with a Jill Stein joke again there if you didn’t catch it) and has enough wisdom to be worth countless re-reads.

Economics for Real People by Gene Callahan was the first book I read that really made me feel like I ‘got’ Austrian Economics.  Before this book, I sort of understood supply and demand, minimum wage stuff and even bits of the Austrian Business Cycle Theory – but I didn’t have the all-encompassing “start with a lone man on a desert island (in this case Richard Hatch from Survivor) and build all of economics from that” grasp  on it that I had after reading this book.

How to Start a Successful Blog in One Hour by Steve Scott is self-explanatory.  Anyone wanting to earn money online needs to get past this step.  The book’s also really cheap.


Tom Woods’s Liberty Classroom is my go-to at work anytime I need to do some mindless data entry type stuff for a while and want to learn about interest rate theory, why some president from 1860 was terrible or why the Robber Barons were good. Nothing on the internet will teach you Austrian Economics or libertarianism better.

Top Business Courses- How To Become a Bestselling Author on Amazon Kindle  is also a go-to for me, whenever I publish or start work on a new eBook.  The course has tons of sections, showing how to format Microsoft Word correctly, actually brainstorm good ideas and write consistently, upload your book to get an electronic and paperback version and how to market it effectively.


I can’t ever dodge the chance to add my own books to any of these lists:

How to Hack Wall St. Four Steps to Retiring a Millionaire


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