Confessions of a Teenage Investor Intro

As this eBook has a very tenuous link to being necessary I thought I would write a quick introduction explaining my thoughts on publishing it. I had a wealth (like 107 pages worth, high five) of old blog articles and message board posts and I thought it would be stupid to try not to utilize them in some way.  And it’s just fun (and at times very embarrassing for me) to go through these old articles and relive that time.

Anyway, I should probably explain who I am. My name is Mike Price. As of this writing (November 2016) I am a 26 year-old SBA underwriter.  I started my first investing website when I was 15. That site eventually reached 100k page views and made me a couple grand, which was nice.

Unfortunately, I lazied out in college and stopped updating it. My interests went from investing to economics and science and girls and working and several other things that eventually resulted in the site no longer being updated.

So, when a poor economy and my own lack of job getting ability landed me a job I was not 100% satisfied with I started working on building a new website. The new site,, is centered around my plan to become a millionaire. I’ve written a couple eBooks on investing and becoming a millionaire and will link to them later.

For this eBook I collected every blog post and every important message board post.  Copy edited them.  And then added footnotes with quips about my personal story at the time and updates on the returns of the stocks I wrote about.

Reading through these old posts allows us to see where I made good decisions managing my portfolio and where I missed completely obvious things.  The things I did right should be replicable by any individual investor willing to spend a little time on it – if a 15 year-old could do it you have no excuse.  The mistake I made could also be made by anyone.  The obvious sum of these two statements is that only dinguses wouldn’t read this book.

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