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During my high school journalism class I became obsessed with Bill Simmons.  So when he started a podcast in May 2007 I started listening immediately.  It was not long before I diversified into fantasy football, politics and (unfortunately) Dave Ramsey podcasts.

I never looked back and today I have north of 25 podcasts that update weekly to listen to while driving, working out or doing something mindless at work.

Here’s my list of podcasts that are in someway related to the goals of this website.  If you have any that I’ve missed, subscribe to the newsletter and email me their names, I’m always looking for more.


The Meb Faber Show

Faber is one of my favorite investing personalities.  He runs several ETFs (almost all of which are in the model portfolios on this site), a robo advisory service, a hedge fund (I think), and has written like nine books and a thousand articles.

His podcast somehow finds a new smart person with a different take on asset allocation each week, and most weeks Faber and his partner answer emails from investors on a second pod.

Invest Like the Best

This is the newest one.  Patrick O’Shaughnessy helps run O’Shaughessy Asset Management which invests based on multi-factor strategies (like value and momentum).  He also runs one of the best book lists newsletters.

His pod is similar to Faber’s, where it does not focus on micro factors of investing like balance sheets or cash flow.  It has, however, been a little more diverse, so far doing interviews on activist investing and the science of investing.

Planet MicroCap Podcast

MicoCap investing is definitely the most exciting of the size based investing silos.  MicroCaps are typically stocks with market caps below $100mm or $200mm.  Where it’s hard for a $100B mega corporation to double in size, MicroCaps have a lot more room to run.

On this podcast great investors ranging from value investor extraordinaire Chris Mayer, to geologists specializing in gold miners to Canadians.

Internet Business

The Smart Passive Income Podcast

As I talk about on the about page, Pat Flynn’s website is the model for my own.  He calls himself an internet business guinea pig and follows through with constant experiments on different niche websites, email providers and website designs.  On his podcast he interviews both internet entrepreneurs and the providers for internet entrepreneurs (CPAs, lawyers, hosting sites, etc.)

EO Fire

Entrepreneur on Fire is sort of the Father of internet business podcasts.  Six or seven of those that I listen to would list John Lee Dumas as their podcasting mentor.  On this podcast he interviews a far range of entrepreneurs from email marketing experts to Shark Tank members seven days a week.

Side Hustle Show

Nick Loper Side Hustle Nation focuses on the micro internet businesses that don’t require 40 hours per week.  On his podcast he interviews people who have made thousands driving for Uber, freelancing on Fiverr or buying discounted products from grocery stores to sell on Amazon and eBay.  Each week has a new profitable side hustle idea.


Tom Woods Show

This podcast is definitely the most political as it leans toward more of a libertarian message than an economic one during election season.  If that’s not your cup of tea, his economics podcasts are second to none on explaining whats currently going on in the economy and how the monetary and banking system works.

Planet Money

Planet Money is economics NPR podcast.  NPR pods almost speak for themselves as they basically all have great stories, production and timely releases.


Now that I’m down to the last one and want to finish the article I’ll just say if you like the type of stuff written about the Freakonomics books, you’ll love the podcast which combines the same type of stories with NPR style production.

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