The Portfolio Post

As your finance guinea pig on of the website’s main functions will be following the portfolios of the various strategies I learn and write about.

As I write this there are portfolios tracking:

  • Hack Wall St. In my first book I developed a portfolio that beat the market over its first twenty months.  Then I published a special report (that you can get by subscribing to my weekly newsletter) that established the portfolio as it stands.  The book and the portfolio follows several techniques to zero in on temporarily undervalued securities.
  • Intelligent Asset Allocation. In my next book I devote a chapter to structuring a portfolio to avoid large drawdowns with uncorrelated assets.  In a recent risk preference article, I developed a portfolios of diversified ETFs that we will follow.
  • My personal portfolio. I have divided my portfolios into two separate sections.  First, are long-term quality companies that I would be fine holding for years (there is a dividend tilt with this section as well).  Second, are options that I trade based on the active trading strategy I wrote about here.

Looking forward I hope to establish portfolios for:

  • Jockey Stocks. I am currently compiling a list of the greatest living capital allocators.  These super-investors have compounded the capital available to them at rates exceeding 15% and sometimes 20% for decades.  This portfolio will be able to hold quality assets in bull markets and shovel up bargains in bear markets.
  • Austrian Economics. This portfolio will be a living oxymoron as Austrian Economists typically don’t believe in the power of predicting macro-economic events.  Nonetheless understanding what will happen to economies and commodities based on the actions of governments and central banks can lead to profitable speculating.
  • Market Timing. Comparing each asset class’s relative valuation to the others allows us to focus on undervalued asset classes.  Only investing when there is a trend in place allows us to make enough money to buy an asteroid mining company when we retire.

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