Austrian Economics & Investing Mind-map

As some of you know I’ve had one book come out so far. The second is currently enduring the editing process (subscribe for updates on it in my Weekly Notebook). The third is sort of an unusual case and does not lend itself to this series. So for my fourth eBook I will be writing about Austrian Economics and Value Investing.

To start building a better base of income sources articles on the blog I am starting a series of posts tracking my work on this fourth book. The posts will update readers as I move along with the book. They will show:

  • The Mind-Map and Outline
  • The Research
  • The actual writing – could take several months :-/
  • The lead magnet I develop for the book
  • The commissioning and purchase of a cover
    • Finding and engaging a Fiverr freelancer
    • Writing a title and sub-title
    • Writing the copy for the back of the book
    • Reviewing potential covers
  • The editing process
  • The formatting process
  • The marketing process
  • The uploading and selling process

A lot of GD processes there. Anyway without further ado, here is the mind-map and outline for the book.


I have to admit until a few weeks ago I had never heard of a ‘mind-map.’ I heard about the process (CANT STOP SAYING PROCESS) in a Pat Flynn podcast and immediately decided to adopt it.

My productivity has historically been limited by the franticness of my mind. As soon as I start to make progress on one project or another I start thinking about a thousand further connected ideas – stopping myself from ever actually completing the first step.

The solution to this is to allow myself an outlet for frantic ideas and then create a structured list of objects to-do. Mind-mapping is a great way to create an idea outlet.

I don’t have the writing ability to explain what exactly a mind-map is so I’m just going to upload the one I created for the book and then talk more. BTW, I used Coggle to make this.

Austrian_Economics_and_Investing mind map


For the past few weeks, I’ve had plans swirling around my head from time to time about how I will structure the book and what the most important parts will be. The mind-map allows me to get visualize this structure.

The book will have three sections (which are represented in the picture by the main branches): Austrian Economics, Investing and the middle section that ties the two together.

I will probably call each section a book, each sub-section a chapter and then the furthest branches from the middle will just have their own chunk of their chapter.

The Outline

This comes almost verbatim from the mind-map.

  • Book 1 – Austrian Economics
    • History of Austrian Economics
    • Prices
      • Supply/Demand
      • The Profit.Loss function
    • Interest Rates
      • Function of Interest Rates
      • Federal Reserve
      • Austrian Business Cycle Theory
        • Past Crises explained by ABCT
  • Book 2 – Tie together Book, tentatively called Potential Crises
    • Government Response to the Great Recession
    • Potential Bubbles
    • A note on the impossibility of predicting economic crises
  • Book 3 – Investing
    • Market Timing
      • Asset class valuation
      • Supply/Demand
    • Inflation resistant investing
      • Commodities
        • Producers
        • ETFs
      • Capital Efficient companies
      • Foreign Companies


That’s it! It is very unlikely this will end up as the final outline, as I came up with several changes as I was writing this article. As I start the research the outline will get filled in more and it is possible new books or sections will be added.

Thanks for reading! Let me know below what you think of mind-mapping or if you think I should add any topics to the outline.

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